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The MyAction Programme - An Exemplar Demonstrating CVD Prevention in Practice

The NIPC is also part of a collaborative research programme with Imperial College London, evaluating the clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a unique preventive cardiology programme entitled MyAction. This is an evidence-based integrated model of preventive cardiology based on the EUROACTION trial (1) designed specifically to achieve the therapeutic targets of the European Society of Cardiology Guidelines for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. Established since 2009 in Ireland, this flagship community-based, nurse-led, multi-disciplinary prevention model, known as "Croí MyAction", has now reached over 1100 individuals. Year on year this programme has achieved outstanding and measurable improvements in cardiovascular health which have been widely published, including the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology (2) and the British Journal of Cardiology (3).

Access the full 5 year outcome report here


Access the full cost-benefit analysis report here


Access the economic evaluation of Croí MyAction here

Address priority health needs by driving cardiovascular research in disease prevention and rehabilitation

The NIPC is an affiliate of the National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway and delivers the Masters in Preventive Cardiology. This unique programme is the only one of its kind in Ireland and includes a central component of applied health research, contributing to new knowledge and producing a new generation of researchers inspired to advance preventive health. The NIPC also supports a number of doctorate and post doctorate research programmes. Currently the NIPC has an exciting opportunity for a Senior Research Fellow to join its dynamic team.

Collaborating in Research to Advance Prevention in Ireland

The ambition for the NIPC is to further enhance its research activity through collaborative research within the College of Medicine, across the University, and with other institutions and Industry. The NIPC is part of a registered not-for-profit charity and is classified as a small and medium sized enterprise (SME). It is also a community-based organisation with a dedicated facility and experienced multidisciplinary health team of specialist nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists and physical activity specialists delivering a wide-range of health programmes. These qualities make the NIPC an attractive partner in competing successfully for research funding aligned to producing and disseminating new knowledge that contributes to the health of communities and individuals.

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